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Yellow Ribbon Pledge

Of all the work that we accomplished in the legislature, I am most proud of Measure 96, the Veterans' Lottery Bill. This measure will invest 1.5% of Oregon's undesignated lottery revenues to increase and improve assistance to those we send into harm's way. On November 8thof this year, Oregonians will have the chance to vote on this proposal.

The reasons to do so could not be clearer. 350,000 veterans live in cities, towns, and rural areas in Oregon; the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs currently provides services for fewer than 100,000. Thousands of veterans simply don't have access to those services; others don't know that the programs exist.

In Oregon, at least 12,000 veterans are homeless. Our troops have experienced multiple deployments and face long-term trauma when they return. Measure 96 will amplify awareness of and increase access to the resources our veterans need to transition back into society.

Please help me help our veterans. Can I count on your support? Please pledge to vote YES on Measure 96. Add your name to the growing list of Oregonians who believe that we can—and should—make a difference in the lives of those who bravely serve our country.

Measure 96 Endorsers:
Democratic Party of Oregon · Governor Kate Brown · Oregon State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America · United Veterans Groups of Oregon

36 votes

Yes I support Measure 96.