Why Your Neighbors are Voting

In 1920, women gained the right to vote. Women such as Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Oregon's own Abigail Scott Duniway fought long and hard to convince the men in Congress that women were intelligent and competent enough to be afforded this most inalienable right. Today, more than ever, women have the power to affect the direction of our state and country. Your vote counts. Please honor our fore-mothers and exercise your right by voting in this most important election.--Gigi

I’m voting for Paul Evans because has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of students, veterans, and the community as a whole. He sees a need, figures out a way to address it, and gets it done! Oregon is a better place because of Rep. Evans. –Melinda

This election isn’t just about our near future, but our long-term success caring for the most vulnerable and providing opportunity for every citizen. That’s why I’m voting.—Mitchell

Voting is our given right, to have our voices and opinions heard. Government and laws are shaped by the votes, opinions, and needs of everyone. Voting is what makes change, what makes things happen. By not voting I lose my ability to be heard and be productive in my community.—Angie

I urge all citizens to view this election as an opportunity to exercise their right to take part in selecting our government representatives and officials. An informed electorate will choose the greatest common good over smaller isolated interests as we fulfill the obligation to participate in this great Democracy. Help shape the future, select the best, be sure to vote. Remember, the sooner you vote, the less likely to get reminder calls.—Alan

People better get out there and vote! Every single vote counts regardless of your viewpoints. I registered voters this past summer, and it showed me how important voting is. Truly! Civic engagement is crucial.—Kyle

It is incredibly important to vote in this election. The choices we make now can impact our lives for years to come. I am voting for Paul Evans because he has done so much for students, women, and veterans.--Ann

The stakes are quite high. The candidates are offering very different directions, very different visions for our state. The future of Oregon is at stake. We can't sit this one out. --Ed

My vote allows me to participate in decisions made, from the city council to the local school board, from the State Capitol to the U.S. Capitol. These are decisions that affect my life, my wallet, and the lives of my friends and family and neighbors. --Jennie

As a public school educator, I believe voting is important for many reasons, but a primary reason for me is that issues related to children, education, schools, and safety are crucial. Children need adults who vote and who critically consider the issues that will help our youngest citizens have opportunities open to them through quality schools, accessible healthcare, and safe communities. --Ann