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Oregon is a special place. We benefit from having the diversity of rivers, lakes, valleys, mountains, deserts, coast and forests. As long as I am in the legislature you can count on me to value Oregon's natural beauty and to be a careful steward of our natural resources. Below are some of the ways I have advocated to protect our natural environment and the ways we are working at the legislature to be successful.


Promises Made:

  • Comprehensive review of “smart growth” land use planning structures and systems (expansion of urban development toolkit);
  • Expanded incentives for organic renewable micro power production and regional energy surplus for export;
  • Incentives for regional infrastructure investments in technology and transit: affirmative steps towards promoting alternatives to transportation as well as modes of transportation in support of sustainability principles: Vision 2050;
  • Implementation of local, regional, and statewide food security initiatives; and
  • Promotion of standardized carbon-cost market valuation as well as sustainability opportunity costs. 

Promises Kept:

  1. SB 324 extends the sunset of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, a legacy of Governor Kulongoski;
  2. SB 1547 establishes a plan to eliminate coal-fired electricity in Oregon by 2030;
  3. HB 2171 raises the cap on tax credit incentives for installing solar and other alternative energy devices in residential homes;
  4. HB 3225 requires the State Fire Marshall to adopt a plan for coordinate responses to oil or hazardous materials spills or releases that occur during rail transport;
  5. HB 4084 provides local governments with new tools for cleaning up brownfields for better safety and value;
  6. HB 4037 creates incentives for the generation of electricity from solar power;
  7. HB 4046 increases the penalties for poaching; and
  8. HB 4113 creates a task force to research drought emergency response;