Jobs & Economy

Promises_Made__Small_Business.jpgJobs & Economy
During the 2014 one of the commitments I made was to support small businesses, job creation and the healthy of our economy. Below are the promises I made and how the I am working with my colleagues at the Oregon Legislature to stay true to my promises.

Promises Made:

  • Reset of the Minimum Wage to at least $10.10/hour with annual adjustments
  • Small business incubation with preference incentives for local development/ownership
  • Regional innovation hubs/capacities investments for non-profit/private/public “innovation gardens”
  • Targeted micro loans and tailored credits for local small business manufacturing
  • Implementation of lifelong education and workforce training opportunities through restructured private/public student assistance programming
  • Transformation of public revenue structure and systems in support of sustainable economic growth priorities

Promises Kept:

  1. SB 1532 sets a 3-Tier Minimum Wage which recognizes regional diversity between the Portland Metro Area, smaller cities and our "frontier" counties;
  2. SB 1565 is a value-added tax credit for small businesses in rural areas;
  3. SB 5507 increases resources for career and technical education, workforce learning/training opportunities;
  4. SB 1589 extends access for loans and credit guarantees from the Credit Enhancement Fund for small businesses;
  5. HB 4146 increases resources for Travel Oregon tourism efforts;
  6. SB 1507 is a targeted tax credit for Film and Video as well as other regional industries;
  7. SB 1583 expands the scope and role of the Office of Small Business Assistance to better assist small businesses in their interactions with local and county agencies; and 
  8. SB 1506 updates and clarifies the property tax exemption on equipment available to grain processors to make it easier to implement and use.

For those who want to learn more about Paul's efforts to encourage growth in our local economy, you might be interested in this letter he wrote to share his small business background and outline his work for small business in Oregon's legislature.