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Ballots for the 2020 Primary Election will begin being sent out on Wednesday, April 29th. The last day to mail in your ballot is Wednesday, May 13th. After the 13th you will need to drop off your ballot at one of the drop boxes in your county.

For your convenience, we have listed all of the ballot drop boxes in Polk County and Salem here. Follow the instructions below to fill out the ballot correctly.

Use a black or blue pen, or #2 pencil to fill out the ballot. Fill ovals completely. Correct mistakes according to the ballot instructions. fill_in_ovals.png

Check both sides of the ballot to make sure you have voted in every contest that you would like to.

If the ballot is damaged or a mistake cannot be corrected, contact the County Elections Office for a replacement ballot. Polk County Elections Office: (503) 623-9217, Marion County Elections Office: (503) 588-5041.

Be sure to sign the ballot envelope before mailing. You do not need to vote in every contest for your votes to be counted. You cannot change your vote after mailing or dropping off your ballot. Make sure to drop off your ballot no later than 8:00 pm on Tuesday, May 19th.