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Statesman Journal: We need politicians who can lead us to a better future

Marion and Polk counties are at a crossroads during this election cycle.

We have the potential of moving forward and of positioning ourselves to respond rapidly and correctly to the cataclysmic changes impending on the horizon. Or we can elect “more of the same” leadership that lacks the vision to lead into a rapidly evolving future.

Most of us know that climate change driven by excess atmospheric carbon dioxide is happening. As the adverse effects become more immediate and more graphic, we will suddenly be demanding that our elected officials do something.

Do what? There are actions we can take right now, decisions we can make to begin to mitigate the adverse effects of this unfolding disaster; but we need politicians who can think through these decisions and lead us into a future that will result in better lives for our children and grandchildren than what we see for them now.

We need to elect Paul Evans to District 20 and Bill Dalton to District 19. Both these men have the vision, the energy and the leadership skills necessary to ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren as they grow and prosper in Marion and Polk counties.

Rick Ritter


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