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Keeping Faith with our Veterans

As a 20-year veteran with service in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other theaters around the world, I am committed to keeping faith with the men and women we send into Harm’s Way.  Taking care of our military families and veterans requires us all to do our part.  Below are a list of vows that I made in 2014 and ways that I am keeping my promises.

Promises Made:Feb_12_2016_283.JPG

  • Development of sustainable funding for Campus Veterans’ Service Officer program at all community colleges and public universities;
  • Development of statewide network of “Veteran Courts” for providing earliest intervention for returning veterans and families;
  • Investment in reintegration services for education, employment, skills development, and start-up business opportunities; and
  • Implementation of “Ending Veteran Homelessness” campaign using available federal funds for veterans’ housing for targeted outreach to end homelessness among veterans by 2020.

Promises Kept:

  1. HJR 202B refers a constitutional amendment to the 2016 November ballot for 1.5% set-aside of Lottery Revenues for Veterans’ Outreach and Services;
  2. HB 2838 creates a task force on Incarcerated Veterans;
  3. $1 Million General Fund increase for ODVA budget for expanded VSO outreach;
  4. HB 3479 establishes a permanent Women Veterans’ Coordinator position within ODVA;
  5. HB 2763 removes provision that public officer or employee who leaves position to perform military duty may not, while performing military duty, receive amount of pay entitled to before leave of absence;
  6. HB 2539 creates a study to access barriers that women veterans face in access to healthcare and medical services;
  7. HB 2645 requires public universities to establish a priority enrollment system for qualified active duty military members, veterans and dependents of qualified active duty military members or veterans who receive veterans' educational benefits; and
  8. HB 3303 permits certification of service-disabled veteran owned businesses for preferences in public contracting.