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Happy Spring! The Legislative Short Session has concluded. It seems like only yesterday that you put your trust in me to be YOUR voice in Salem. With your help, we have maintained a vision of Oregon that puts people and progress ahead of pettiness and political paralysis.


Here is a list of our accomplishments since my election to the House in 2014:

  • We passed paid sick leave, pay equity, predictive scheduling, and region-specific increases in the Minimum Wage for working families;
  • We defended the Low Carbon Fuels program, decreased lethal pollutants in certain plastics, acted to end Coal Power by 2040;
  • We closed “private sales,” “unmarried partner,” and “stalker” loopholes in firearms; Increased funds of Oregon State Police background checks;
  • We passed Ballot Measure 96, unleashing the most significant investment in veterans’ care in Oregon’s history;
  • We secured seismic rehabilitation of the Center Street Bridge, new construction at WOU, greenway improvements for the Independence Landing Project, Match Funding for the Mike McLaran Center for Student Success, improved access to the YMCA Court-Care program, and life-changing career and technical education for students in the Central and Salem-Keizer schools.

As you can see, we have enjoyed many successes. There is not one person who could legitimately say nothing gets done in the legislature. However, we must continue the fight to maintain our progress.  I need your help.

Please join me. Help me continue to make Oregon the state it should be. With your help, House District 20 will continue to be the shining beacon leading all Oregonians to the American Dream.


Warm Regards,


Representative Paul Evans
Oregon House District 20

If you have legislative questions please call my office at 503-986-1420

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