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HJR 202

Updates regarding HJR 202: The Veterans' Lottery Fund Bill.

Main points:
•    HJR is moving to the House Floor, it should pass to the Senate tomorrow, Friday the 19th
•    There have been 2 important changes to the bill: it now allocates 2% ($25 million) of undesignated funding instead of 3% and it is more explicit about where the funding can be spent
•    Our main objective now is to push Senate President Peter Courtney, Majority Leader Burdick and Senator Monnes-Andersen to support the bill, although I also encourage everyone to call their personal Senator as well.

HJR 202 has had public meetings in both the House Committees on Veterans' Services & Emergency Preparedness as well as the Rules Committee. Cameron Smith, the Director of the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs, among others, gave passionate support to the bill and HJR is on schedule to be voted out of the Oregon House tomorrow, Friday the 19th.

As many of you know, the Veterans' Lottery Bill has been a priority for Representative Evans for eight years. So, first, I want to thank all of the folks who contacted their legislators, met with public officials and testified in committee in support of this important measure--we could not have gotten where we are now without you. There have been a few important changes to the bill that are worth noting: first, the amount of the lottery fund has been reduced to 2% (roughly $25 million) and the bill is now more explicit about what kinds of programs can benefit from the grants.

But, even as we celebrate this moment of success, we still need to stay focused; HJR 202 still needs to gain popular support in the Senate for us to see it on the November ballot. So, I am asking all of you to pick up your phones, or if able, to meet in person with your Senator and ask them to support HJR 202. Share your stories with them, tell them about your experience as a Veteran, as someone who loves a Veteran, as someone who works with Veterans.

We have two weeks to get HJR through the Senate Veterans’ and Rules Committees. Our main points of contact are Senators Courtney (D-Salem; member of the Senate Veterans’ Committee), Burdick (D-Portland) and Monnes-Anderson (D-Gresham; Vice-Chair of the Senate Veterans’ Committee). These Senators are sympathetic to the cause, but would benefit from hearing about the struggles Veterans face from folks in the Veteran community.

Let’s show the Senate how much we support our Veterans in Oregon. Let’s keep faith with the men and women who served our country by finally providing the services they need, deserve and earned through their commitment to our national security.


Derek Olson
Campaign Manager
Friends of Paul Evans

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