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Birthday Donations

Shhh. Don’t tell Paul. We are trying to find the perfect present for his birthday, which is May 22. Amanda thought a kitten would be fun (Beau vetoed that idea). Evan, ever practical, argued for new socks. Kathy believed a year’s supply of salsa would be useful. Steven swears that all of his friends want a Playstation for their birthdays, and Molly, always the dreamer, suggested ballroom dancing lessons.

In the end, we all agreed that the best gifts for Paul are those that will help us get Paul’s message and vision out to voters.  Could you please chip in:

        $8.00    for a case of water for thirsty canvassers

        $10       for a lawn sign

        $30       for a case of printer paper

        $49       for postage

        $150     for a cinema ad   

        $500     for a television ad

        $           Other amount

This is going to be an expensive campaign. We need everyone’s help to keep our House District 20 seat.  The best gift we can give Paul is our talent, time, and treasure to make sure we are successful in November.

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