COVID Recovery

With over 30 years of emergency response experience, Paul listens to medical professionals and public health experts. As our State Representative, Paul helped mobilize an emergency response to protect us from the toxins that infected Salem's drinking water. During COVID-19, he will make sure frontline workers have sick leave, testing, and PPE, make sure our small businesses have what they need to stay afloat, and work to make sure more families get their unemployment checks. Like all of us, Paul wants things to go back to normal but knows we need to focus on resolving the health crisis so that we can begin restarting our economy. As our community recovers from this public health crisis, he will fight to make sure no one gets left behind, especially frontline workers, families, seniors, and small businesses.



Paul will prioritize our schools and education funding. That’s why he voted for the Student Success Act, which provides millions of dollars to our local school districts in our area. He’ll keep fighting to protect funding for our classrooms, improve graduation rates, and to expand access to mental health supports in our schools.



Paul knows that the climate crisis is real. He is working to protect our air and water, stop dirty coal from being transported through our area, and prevent climate change


Gun Sense

Paul knows how important it is to keep our communities safe from gun violence. He has advocated for common-sense gun reforms in the legislature. He led the way on keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and keeping our kids safe from school shootings.



Paul will stand up for affordable and accessible healthcare for our community and reign in the cost of prescription drugs. As someone who lost his grandmother and mother at an early age because they couldn't afford good health care, Paul believes we need to make health care affordable for more Oregonians. That's why he helped protect healthcare for over a million Oregonians who otherwise couldn't afford it and made sure every Oregon child was covered.



Paul believes that everyone deserves a safe place to call home. He knows that too many people are struggling to make rent and mortgage payments, especially during this crisis. In Salem, he will fight for emergency relief to keep people in their homes, resources, and medical care for people experiencing homelessness and affordable housing investments to stabilize rents.


Racial Justice

Paul is committed to dismantling racial injustice here in Oregon. Communities of color are disproportionately impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of generations of explicit and systemic racism and institutional violence. In Salem, Paul will fight for equity and civil rights for Black Oregonians and under-served communities.


Reproductive Health

Paul believes healthcare is a right, and he will work to protect access to birth control and abortion. He voted for a bill that would provide paid family leave to workers after the birth of a child or care for a sick loved one, and he passed a bill to increase workplace protections against sexual harassment. Paul is the pro-choice candidate for HD 20.


Small Business Recovery

Paul will grow jobs by continuing his support for small businesses and investing in job skills training so every Oregonian can earn a decent living. He knows we need to ensure that targeted COVID recovery dollars go to small businesses, not big corporations. As a member of the Joint Coronavirus Committee, Paul helped work through the bureaucracy and cut through red tape to get people the answers they needed. As our community recovers from this public health crisis, he will fight for an economy that doesn't leave anyone behind, making sure workers have good wages and benefits.

Standing up for Working Families

Paul will stand up for working Oregonians by investing in family-wage jobs and critical worker protections. In this uncertain time, he will stand firm in her commitment to working families by fighting for safe working conditions, fair wages & benefits, paid family, and sick leave. We also need to make sure all frontline and essential workers have PPE and COVID testing. As our community recovers from this public health crisis, we can’t leave anyone behind.


Unemployment Benefits

Paul knows that the Oregon Employment Department was not equipped to handle the influx of claims caused by COVID-19. It’s completely unacceptable that families have been waiting months for the benefits they are owed. State government must do better. That’s why Paul is calling on the department to immediately process all backlogged claims, improve communication with out-of-work Oregonians, and provide a firm timeline for computer system improvements to make sure this never happened again.



For 20 years, Paul served in active combat zones in the Air Force and Oregon Air National Guard before becoming Oregon's point-man on veterans' issues. He understands the struggles veterans face when they return home. That's why Paul led the charge on Measure 96 in 2016, which permanently dedicated 1.5 percent of total lottery funds generated to veterans’ services and outreach. In Salem, Paul chairs the House Committee on Veterans and Emergency Preparedness, the only committee in the House of Representatives that has an equal number of Democrats and Republicans.