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John Kitzhaber, Measure 70, and keeping faith with our veterans
Blue Oregon
October 10, 2010

By Paul Evans of Monmouth, Oregon. Paul is an Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan. He is also a former mayor of Monmouth. Previously, he contributed "Extraordinary Times".

John Kitzhaber gets it.

In expressing support for Measure 70, a fix for the longstanding flaw in the Oregon Veterans Home Loan program, John Kitzhaber explained, “Measure 70 keeps faith with those that kept faith with us.”

Leadership is not about getting votes and raising money, it’s about keeping faith with your neighbors - it means taking care of those that depend upon you to do to the right thing.

What I admire about John Kitzhaber is the depth of his commitment to Oregon. There is a profound difference between passing interest and proven commitment. In over 30 years of service as an emergency room doctor, a statesman and a father, he has worked with a sense of duty to preserve Oregon’s heritage and to help Oregon prosper.

This duty extends to Oregon’s veterans. In 2009, the Oregon National Guard deployed its largest number of troops since WWII. In all branches of service, men and women from Oregon have sacrificed to protect our communities. John Kitzhaber understands the importance of standing up for veterans and making sure they get what they need to lead their families and communities when they return home.

In addition to supporting Measure 70, Kitzhaber believes veterans deserve access to education and quality health care no matter where they live in the state. And he will work with us - the veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq - to put to use their hard-won expertise and discipline in their communities once they return home.

Sadly, the other candidates for Governor just do not understand our circumstances. None have been in the crucible of leadership, none have the experience to captain our ship of state through the hazards ahead; only John Kitzhaber will ensure we choose the right path - only John understands the weight of responsibility associated with this specific moment in history.

I’m supporting John Kitzhaber because he is tested, tough, and ready to lead from the front. He has our back and will keep faith with us - it is now time for all of us to keep faith with him.

Original Article: http://www.blueoregon.com/2010/10/john-kitzhaber-measure-70-and-keeping-faith-our-veterans/


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