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Election offers a change; pick Evans
Statesman Journal
October 28, 2006

Recently the executive director of the Republican Party of Oregon, Amy Langdon, wrote a letter alleging that I had smeared the name of my opponent (letters, Oct. 14).

To begin with, I do not discuss the character, age or personal history of an opponent. And, unlike the other team, I will never challenge the patriotism of an opponent.

It is important for all of us to remember that both candidates for Senate District 10 are good people who care about our community.

But this election is about a choice: Stay the course or change. It is about the kind of vision we have for our Oregon, the right experience to make change a reality, and which candidate will have the perspective to do things differently.

To help make that choice, we must discuss our respective voting records -- and the impact of those votes upon our community. Votes reflect values and values matter. Accordingly, I will continue to point out why education, health care, public safety and stable funding for responsible governance matters.

Together we can have a healthy debate about our future; we have a chance to reclaim our Oregon -- to make our Legislature accountable to the people again. The choice is ours.

-- Paul Evans, Monmouth

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