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Public Comments - Notes to Friends List

Election Day 2010 will be here before we know it.

It is now time for us all to sit down with our conscience and cast our ballot. 

As a veteran, I am grateful that we can peacefully determine our elected leadership with the force of our ballots - instead of our bullets.

This election is superheated, it is noisy - it will determine whether we continue on a path toward recovery, or whether we retreat in fear.

I have been asked to share my recommendations for the election.  And while I respect - indeed have worn a uniform to defend - divergent views, I offer the following for consideration.

First, I support John Kitzhaber, Ron Wyden, and Kurt Schrader.  I know them, I trust them to serve our interests ahead of their own.  And while I may not agree with all of their views - I believe each to be a good man, each to be critical to the resilience of Oregon. 

Kitz, Wyden, and Schrader are experienced - and more importantly - personally committed to renewing Our Oregon, to strengthening Our America.   

On education, homeland security, government reform, national security, and veterans care I believe them to be a superior choice.  I believe they will continue to listen, that they will continue to do the best they can with the circumstances we have.    

Second, I support  Ballot Measure 70.  It is past time for us to remove the arbitrary 30-year cap on accessing the ORVET home loan program.

All veterans should have the same access to affordable home ownership.  Vietnam Era veterans (some of which are now 40 years past discharge) deserve the same opportunities as the rest of us. 

Third, I believe that effective leadership at the local levels of government is critical to our long-term health as a state and nation.

It is critical for us to remember to vote from the top to the bottom of the ballot.  There should never be an "under-vote."  None of us have a viable excuse for skipping over local government choices. 

We must consider our selections for the bench, city council, and county office seriously.  We must do this because we know that most decisions fought at the state and federal level were originally framed at the community level.

Whatever choices we make, I urge all of us to take the next step - after the ballots are counted - to fight for our values and demand real progress from those we empower.



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