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Public Comments - Notes to Friends List

Dear Friend:

After a little over three years on staff I recently departed the Governor's Office and accepted a position in the private sector.  Though leaving was a tough decision, it was an opportunity that was literally too good to turn down. 

High Impact Technologies is a values-driven company that builds environmentally responsible and sustainable products for homeland security and infrastructure protection.  HIT is a small Oregon-owned company with global reach - a team of good people providing safe products for a dangerous world. 

However, even though HIT is an amazing new adventure, leaving the Governor's Office was harder than imagined.  More than just a job, it was without hesitation - a profoundly meaningful experience.  Serving Governor Kulongoski and Oregon during these challenging times - was a personal and professional blessing.   

As you know, I was sent to Afghanistan at the conclusion of the 2006 campaign.  I really did not know what I would do afterwards: Governor Kulongoski extended his embrace - and gave me an opportunity for new mission - a position that I could pour heart and soul into.  I am forever grateful to have been associated with such an amalgamation of exceptionally talented public servants.  

Looking back, it is hard to believe so much happened in such a relatively brief period of time.  It was an honor to carry the Governor's Agenda on emergency management, military, and veterans' issues.  We developed some outstanding teams and made significant progress.  Oregon is a leader in emergency response/recovery; we have a model airman/soldier reintegration program; and we have plowed new ground in veterans' care and outreach.   

It was everything that I could have ever asked for - and far more.  And now, with that rich experience in the rearview mirror, I am turning my attention to catching up with family, friends, and on unfinished projects.  Among these projects are advocacy for issues - especially veterans' issues, renewed emphasis on K-12 education transformation, and helping at least a few friends on the campaign trail. 

All in all, this next year will be an adventure.  But that future would not be nearly as bright were it not for your involvement in my life.  Please know that I am grateful for your continued friendship and support.  Thank you for all you do - for making our community better - for making me a better person. 

If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to call or write.  My personal website: www.paulevans.org provides contact information for your use.  Please continue the fight, and keep Oregon moving forward. 

Your Friend,



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