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Public Comments - Notes to Friends List


Happy New Year!
2009 Has Arrived - and the WORLD IS READY...
This past year has been an historic watershed: people will remember a before and an after - 2008 will become known as the moment when Our America reclaimed Our Promise.
The recent holiday season provided us with an opportunity to reflect upon the past; it gave us a chance to catch our breath and for the work required in building the kind of future we want. 
It is no secret that we departed 2008 in crisis: our economy is in shambles; wars abroad stretched our military past its limits; civil liberties are in grave danger; the world has nearly lost faith in America.     
Barack Obama was right: "the urgency of now" has never been fiercer - it has never been so important - it must be realized through a national renewal of our community spirit.
In the weeks ahead we will convene a more progressive Congress, inaugurate a new President, and assemble our citizen-Legislature.
We stand witness to the most dramatic transformation of public will in decades.  Our country demands not merely a different politics, but a different world.
Seize this opportunity.
This is our moment; this is Our America.
Let us commit ourselves to rekindling the spark of a nation that once inspired the world.
In 2009 we can guarantee opportunity: we must develop tools that provide all citizens willing to work for success and pathway for realizing it.
In 2009 we can provide a safe environment: we must secure our borders as well as our air, land, and waters - all citizens deserve to live in a safe community.
In 2009 we can protect our basic rights: to act, to live, and to think without fear goes to the heart of why Our America was founded - why Our America is so special.
In 2009 we can promote stewardship: we must establish collaborative partnerships that secure short term economic benefit and long term environmental sustainability.
This year each of us must choose.
It is a choice as old as humanity: will we fight or seek cover?
For those that seek a new politics - for those that want to pass on an America that lives up to its promise - it is time to find a way to make a difference.
It is within our power to change our nation, state, and community: in every corner of every community there is something that needs done - you know what it is, you know what it will require.
The choice is ours - each of us must answer to history for our actions.
Thank you for working hard to make this moment possible; thank you even more for what you will do in 2009 to help all of us realize an America that lives up to our ideals.

Have a wonderful Happy New Year celebration!  I look forward to working with you this year!



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