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Public Comments - Notes to Friends List


Labor Day is just around the corner.
Campaigns for President, the Congress, and statewide office are beginning to gear up for the big push to November 4th.
As we organize our efforts to elect a new field of leaders at the federal and state levels we cannot forget about our community leaders: real change requires a full spectrum strategy. 
We need to engage leaders in every community; we need to grow a team of experienced men and women committed to transforming our government.
That is why we launched Oregon Pioneer PAC at the beginning of the summer. 
Unlike most PACs, Oregon Pioneer PAC is focused solely upon local, non-partisan contests.  Our efforts will help candidates prepare for campaigns as well as provide targeted financial assistance.
For more information about Oregon Pioneer PAC, please visit the site: www.Oregonpioneerpac.com.
So far we have raised $5,000.  We are hoping to raise another $5,000 before the end of October - any help you can offer is sincerely appreciated.
Our plan is simple: meet in mid-September, make endorsements, and send a little help to worthy candidates.  We want to provide an added bump for local candidates to aid their campaigns "down the stretch."
We will send out an update as soon as we confirm the location. 
In the meantime, please consider local elections in your community.  Take a good look at the candidates - and consider the kind of Oregon you want. 
Guaranteed Opportunity.
A Safe Environment.
Protection of our Basic Rights.
Promoting the future, providing for the present.
If you know of community spirited individuals worthy of help, please forward information about their campaigns for consideration (email: Chair@Oregonpioneerpac.com).  We are still accepting names.
Oregon Pioneer PAC is committed to electing progressive candidates, regardless of where they live or what they call themselves.
Together we can make change at every level of government; we can anchor it in every community through election of progressive leaders.

Thank you for your continued support.



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