HB 3459B: Fishing Days Bill

What the bill does:

Allows State Fish and Wildlife Commission to issue order allowing angling of fish or taking of shellfish

without licenses or tags for two days up to four times per year. Establishes Oregon Fishing

Experience Enhancement Subaccount in Fish and Wildlife Account. Directs use of funds in


Establishes nine member Oregon Outdoor Activities Investment Planning Task Force.

Directs Task Force to develop plan for increasing angling activities for Oregon residents under 17 and

establish a 50-year strategic plan for increasing availability of high-quality outdoor recreational

activities. Requires Task Force to report to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to

environment and natural resources no later than September 15, 2016. Disbands Task Force on

December 31, 2016.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife publicizes a free fishing weekend the first full weekend in

June. While all existing regulations apply during this weekend, the Department offers Oregon

residents and visitors a full weekend to fish, crab, and clam without a license or tags.

House Bill 3459 would allow the State Fish and Wildlife Commission to offer 4 weekends or 8 days of

license- and tag-free fishing per year.


Read HB 3459B here.