The 2016 Session is now history

The 2016 Legislative Session is now history.  For 32-days we sought fair, meaningful, well-reasoned legislation necessary for our circumstances.  We passed policies assisting rural industries, small businesses, veterans, and working families throughout the State of Oregon.

We took our responsibility seriously and did what we could to contribute to the larger effort.  The following legislative measures were my priorities during the 2016 Legislative Session:

1) HJR 202 – a referral to the November ballot for a permanent set-aside of a portion of Lottery Revenues for veterans’ outreach and services;
2) HB 4081 – an extension of a tax exemption for affordable housing providers; and
3) SB 1565 – a new tool for rural economic development important for our emergent beer, spirits, and wine industry. All three of these priorities successfully passed the Oregon Legislature.