2016 Session

  • The 2016 Session is now history

    The 2016 Legislative Session is now history.  For 32-days we sought fair, meaningful, well-reasoned legislation necessary for our circumstances.  We passed policies assisting rural industries, small businesses, veterans, and working... Read More

  • SB 1565

    A new tool for rural economic development important for our emergent beer, spirits, and wine industry. All three of these priorities successfully passed the Oregon... Read More

  • HB 4081

    Extends sunset from June 30, 2018 to June 30, 2022 for property tax exemption available to property of a nonprofit corporation that, for tax year 2012-13, was actually offered, occupied... Read More

  • HJR 202 B

    5/5/2016 Update on HJR 202:

    I want to applaud the Oregon Department of Justice, Oregon Secretary of State's... Read More